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Listen to Chinese children stories for free with TPL’s Dial-a-Story service

It may not be Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but the fine art of oral storytelling lives on with a free local telephone service available at any time of day.

The Toronto Public Library has expanded its Dial-a-Story service, offering stories over the phone for young children aged 7 and below and older ones up to 12.

After dialling 416-395-5400, users can press 3 to listen to a Cantonese story or press 7 for Mandarin.

The stories appear to be offered on a daily basis and focus upon parables that instil a sense of morality. On the day that we called, Dial-a-Story featured a Mandarin story about a elephant with self-identity issues and a Cantonese story about a girl who learned the hard way about organization skills.

In total, Dial-a-Story offers stories in 16 languages including Urdu, Tagalog, and Persian.

Although the Toronto Public Library isn’t open during the COVID-19 province-wide shutdown, users still have access to its extensive online catalog. By using your TPL card, users can access a huge collection of over 2,000 Chinese videos and audiobooks here.

Not only that, you can also read magazines with Flipster, watch movies on Hoopla, or listen to jazz on the Naxos Music Library.

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