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Introducing Nihao Chef — A home delivery platform for fresh, premium produce

The importance of home delivery can’t be stressed enough these days. It’s become imperative that Canadians receive quick access to essential goods. To help with this growing need, here is Canada’s newest home delivery service for groceries — Nihao Chef.

Nihao Chef is a new grocery e-commerce platform that specializes in free-range meat products delivered straight to your door. Nihao Chef products are competitively-priced and have fast daily deliveries due to its exclusive factory-direct arrangement that cuts out the middleman.

nihao chef groceries home delivery e-commerce chinese cooking

What’s more, Nihao Chef’s wide range of products are ideal for barbecuing and Asian cooking. These fresh ingredients arrive ready-to-cook, allowing for a convenient and trouble-free cooking experience.

Nihao Chef products include Shinto Wagyu beef, curry-marinated chicken, lemongrass pork chops, and hotpot mutton slices.

These products are processed by TFF, a HACCP-certified food packaging and processing plant. TFF is a well-trusted food preparer responsible for supplying over 30 restaurants and 60 supermarkets such as T&T, Pusateri’s, and Loblaws CityMarket.

nihao chef groceries home delivery e-commerce chinese cooking

Nihao Chef will be expanding its services soon. Customers should expect to see a wider range of available products in the near future.

Here at Nihao Canada, we’re very proud to witness the launch of our sister site. We hope you’ll take advantage of this new platform and enjoy the great products offered by the Nihao Chef home delivery service.

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