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Chinese restaurant targeted in COVID-19 related threat

A Chinese restaurant in Calgary is the latest target of the ongoing COVID-19-related backlash against Chinese and East Asian groups.

Calgary Police Service reported Wednesday they are investigating an anonymous threat targeting a local Chinese restaurant.

The CPS say the incident occurred on March 14 and is believed to be motivated by current events. An suspect has been identified, but no charges have been laid.

Calgary police hate crimes co-ordinator Const. Craig Collins, who also reported on a threat against Indigeneous people, told reporters he recently became aware of other threats, but didn’t offer details.

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as further consequence of COVID-19

Meanwhile, separate March incidents in Montreal involving a vandalized restaurant and a stabbing have resulted in a public warning from the South Korean consulate.

Although local police say they aren’t aware of any racial motives, CTV News reported that Montreal’s Korean community are very concerned.

“It’s very worrisome, and most of us have been living in Montreal for our whole lives, so it’s difficult to accept and comprehend the situation,” said a Korean Montrealer who wished to remain anonymous. “Our community is worried and afraid for our safety.”

Over in Edmonton, police recented reported of hate-related graffiti appearing in its Chinese community over the past few weeks that reference China and coronavirus.

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