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Chinese-Canadians are giving massively to fight against COVID-19

Chinese communities across Canada are supporting local efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 through massive donations of essential medical equipment.

A recent drive to replenish dwindling supplies of personal protective equipment at North York General Hospital was answered in force by the Chinese-Canadian community.

MPP for Don Valley North Vincent Ke said “hundreds of boxes of donations” were received from the Chinese community in a drive organized earlier this week.

covid-19 donations chinese Canadian community
Donations to North York General Hospital


The donations include 3,000 medical gowns and dozens of N95 masks and eye protectors from community group Wenzhounese in Ontario. The Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadians donated 6,000 surgical gloves and 2,000 hospital masks, while the Canada Toronto Fuqing Business Association donated 200 hospital gowns.

Meanwhile, Ningbo Maxwin Import and Export collaborated with the community to donate 960 hospital gowns to Jewish General Hospital, an acute-care teaching hospital affiliated with McGill University. On Wednesday, the Mask-R-Aid initiative delivered 2,000 masks to Toronto General Hospital.

These efforts follow a successful $20,000 medical mask fundraising effort by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and local Chinese groups on March 18.

Although Chinese community groups and organizations are providing most of the donations, individuals are also doing their part.

covid-19 donations chinese Canadian community
Donations to North York General Hospital


A Montreal woman named Evan Wang made a personal donation of 2,000 hospital masks to Verdun General Hospital last week.

Oh, Quebec reports that Wang acquired her sizable collection of masks from her sister in China, who had sent her 4,000 masks when the viral outbreak broke out in Canada.

Wang said she was inspired to make the donation after seeing a six-year-old child wear a homemade face mask on the street.

“There were too many of them,” said Wang. “Besides handing them out to my friends, there was too much to use.”

covid-19 donations chinese Canadian community
Donations to North York General Hospital


As it turns out, China is the source of many COVID-19-related donations, the latest of which is a shipment of medical supplies from the Alibaba Group and the Jack Ma Foundation.

Earlier this year, Canada sent 16 tonnes of personal protective clothes to China in response to the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

The North York General Hospital donation drive continues until March 27. Donations can be dropped off at the white tent located across from the main building at 4000 Leslie Street. People can also help with reported shortages at local blood and food banks, or find other great causes here.

Images:, Oh Quebec


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